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Toys of a '70s kid

 Creepy Crawler ThingmakerJulie and Mrs. Beasley

Creepy Crawler Thingmaker / Mrs. Beasley doll

Toys of the 1970s!

You can find your fave hobby from your childhood at Retro Hobbies!

Amazing Kreskin game

Ah, yes, the Amazing Kreskin. His show was syndicated from 1971-75. I never missed it. My brother, Mike, and I owned this "game." It was somewhat like the Ouija board in that it wasn't really a game. It tested your psychic abilities and even included a really cool pendulum. Click the box above to go to a site that tells more about the game or click here to see how two goofy guys I ran across on the 'Net tested out the game while under the influence. (How very '70s!)


Etch A SketchHot Wheels

Chrissy dollVelvet

Schwinn StingrayRemember the Schwinn Sting Rays? and other cool bikes with banana seats and cissy bars? Hop on one now at Schwinn! There's a new Stingray out in '05. They look nothing like they did back in the day, although they're still cool looking. You can even buy them at Wal-Mart these days (blasphemy), and my son wants one! Click the bike at left.

Looking for one of the toys you had as a kid? You're likely to find it here, at Time-Warp Toys!Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots


Chaz has a cool H.O. Slot Cars site at

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