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Movies of the ’70s

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Movies of and about the 1970s

Far Out Movies

“Dazed and Confused” is a cool flick that came out in 1993 about 1976. It’s now available on video. It’s about a group of kids going into their senior year of high school — the class of ’77. The whole movie takes place on the last day and night of school in our country’s Bicentennial summer. Fretting their freshman year are another group of kids being harassed by the seniors. The cars, clothes, sayings, and characters are extremely accurate. If you’re looking to relive the summer of ’76, rent this one; or if you want to know what your parents went through that summer, this video’s for you. Two of the actors in this movie have gone on to bigger things, one in “Saving Private Ryan” and the other in “Contact” and other films. For a complete description and more pix, click on the picture of the seniors.

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