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Cars we knew and loved

My brother, Mike Fidler, and his 1971 Mach 1 Mustang

My brother Mike, four years my senior, belonged to what Mom and Dad called "The Car-of-the-Month Club." That was pretty accurate. He would get an old car, love it for awhile, fix it up and sell it to move on to the next one. He's partial to Fords, especially T-birds, Falcons and Mustangs, but has been known to dabble with other American cars. The one pictured above was one of his very favorites. Mike figures he's owned 56 different cars since he got his driver's license in 1975.

My 1973 Monte Carlo(s)

My Monte Carlo

I, on the other hand, fell in love with a Chevrolet. The first car I ever got, about two months after my 16th birthday in 1979. I got this cool, dark red 1973 Monte Carlo (shown above in our driveway in Illinois) with the white landau roof.

During my years attending Arkansas College, the ol' Monte finally gave out around 1983 or 84. Here, it's shown in an Arkansas junk yard, may it rest in peace.

So, I had to have another one. I got this one, also a 1973, but midnight blue. It lasted a couple of years. That ended my affair with Monte.

69LTD.jpg (50083 bytes)

Alan Rogers of Bakersfield, CA, sent this image of his cool 1969 Ford LTD. Awesome! Thanks Alan.

Below are some cool web sites, dedicated to cars of the '70s

AMC Pacer

Ford Pinto