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Butch Patrick Interview

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Phone Interview with Butch Patrick of Sid & Marty Krofft’s “Lidsville”

You’re listening to Julie M. Fidler’s Jan. 26, 2005, phone interview with Butch Patrick!

From my personal collection:

(Below) Article from Tiger Beat Spectacular October 1972

From Tiger Beat Spectacular December 1972:

From Tiger Beat Fave August 1972

Click the image below for the full-page article! (Tiger Beat Fave Aug. ’72)

From Tiger Beat Fave October 1972 Hollywood Rumors Column:

From 16’s Spec Magazine January 1972:

December 1972 16 Magazine’s Fun Time: “Have We Got a Boy For You!
Click Picture for Full Page Article

June 1973 16 Magazine’s Fun Time:

Tiger Beat May 1972: (click on image below for full-page picture spread)

From November 1972 Tiger Beat magazine:

Tiger Beat January 1973:

What Makes a Girl Special?

Thanks Butch, for taking time out to talk to me! Julie, That ’70s Chick

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