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December 1971 Teen World

Teen World December 1971

Inside Front Cover: Ad for Sales Leadership Club

Vol. 14, No. 6 Table of Contents

David Cassidy

Pinup: David Cassidy

Article: (2 pages) Donny's Love Schedule -- Follow Minute By Minute

Pinup: Bill Bixby

Bill Bixby

Article: Rapping With Jack (Wild) (Back when "rap" actually meant to "talk with")

Article: (2 pages) Wes Stern, David Holmes & Jimmy Osmond -- Discover Where They Hide Out (for junior stalkers?)

Back Cover: Ad for Maybelline All Eyes Kit

Spec 16 Magazine November 1971

Spec Magazine November 1971 Cover

No. 33, November 1971 Contents

New TV Season -- The Partridge Family

Pinup: Mike Cole

Mike Cole

Bobby Sherman

Pinup: Bobby Sherman

Pinup: Brady Bunch kids (Greg, Marcia, Peter & Bobby)

Brady kids
Osmond Brothers Centerfold: The Osmond Brothers

David Cassidy

Pinup: David Cassidy
Summer Weekly Reader Senior Feb. 17, 1971

Weekly Reader Feb. 17, '71



January 1971 Teen Pinups

January 1971 Teen Pin-ups

Mike Cole?

Inside Front Cover: Mike Cole pinup

Vol. 9, No. 1 Table of Contents

Pinup: Bridget Hanley (Love, American Style; Nanny & the Professor; Here Come the Brides)

Bridget Hanley

Pinup: Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell

Angela Cartwright

Pinup: Angela Cartwright of "Make Room for Granddaddy"

Pinup: Maureen McCormick (up close, before mole removal)

Maureen McCormick

Pinup: Christopher Stone (as Doctor Pooch Hardin in TV's "The Interns". The actor died Oct. 20, '95 at age 53 of a heart attack.)

Chris Stone

David Cassidy

Centerfold: David Cassidy

Osmond Brothers

Pinup: The Osmond Brothers (could the photographer not focus any better than this?!)

Pinup: Rick Ely (played Jeremy Larkin in the TV series "The Young Rebels")

Rick Ely

David Cassidy

Back Cover: David Cassidy pinup
September 1971 16 Magazine

16 Magazine September 1971

Michael Jackson

Inside Front Cover: Michael Jackson pinup

Vol. 13, No. 4 Table of Contents

Osmond Brothers Present this Month's Super Dream!

Article: Ronny Howard plays The Dating Game!

Article: 16 Introduces 4 Beautiful Boys (Brook Fuller, David Holmes, Bjorn Andersen & Richard Beaumont)

16's Sweetheart of the Month: Merrill Osmond

Inside Back Cover: Jack Wild & David Selby

Jack Wild & David Selby

Tiger Beat Spectacular December 1971

tbspec1271_tn.jpg (24992 bytes)

David Cassidy

Inside Front Cover: David Cassidy Pinup

Vol. 1, No. 9 Table of Contents

Pinup: Bobby Sherman

Bobby Sherman

Michael Gray

Pinup: Michael Gray

Article: Which Jackson-5 Guy is For You?

Article: Jack Wild -- Where is Love?

Donny Osmond

Back Cover: Donny Osmond Pinup (Webmaster's Note: Poor Donny has a bad case of "helmet hair" here.)
November 1971

16's Loving Fashions Magazine

 16 Loving Fashions November 1971

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Vol. 1, No. 7 Table of Contents

Pinup: Alan Osmond

Alan Osmond

David Cassidy

Back Cover: David Cassidy pinup